It's second period at Ringgold High School where students in Tim Elliott's construction class are working hard.

They're putting the finishing touches on a project that means more than a letter grade. 

"We cut the boards to the right length, we run them through the table saw to get it to where the flag poles will stay in them. We sand them and have them nailed together and send them off," Ringgold High School Junior Dylan Land said. 

They're constructing white crosses-- Each representing a veteran from Catoosa County. They will be added to the 1,200 that already line the streets of downtown Ringgold. Each bares the name of a service member and the branch they served in addition to an American flag. 

"Some of our students have grandparents, grandfathers, grandmothers on the crosses so it's special to them to see that and it gives them a sense of pride," Elliott said. 

Like Ringgold High School Freshman Mathis Coley. His grandfather served in Vietnam and he has two cousins in the Georgia National Guard. 

"They give something to you so you can have freedom and then you turn around and you try to give back so you honor them by helping them," Coley said. 

It's a project that also lies close to Elliott's heart after serving five years with the U.S. Marine Corps. 

Not only is he able to teach his students the tricks of the trade, but also how to honor veterans with the respect and integrity they deserve. 

"They take very much care to detail to make sure they are done according to the specifications that the mayor has asked us to do them to," Elliott said. 

The flags will stay up through next week. The city of Ringgold also displays the flags and crosses for Memorial Day. 

The Veteran's Day celebration will continue through tomorrow night with a concert at 7.