Relevant Hope says Chattanooga’s homeless can't go without these items. That’s why volunteers stood in front of Sportsman Warehouse in Chattanooga Saturday. The store that has all of the items they need. Before shoppers headed inside the store with their own shopping list, volunteers gave them another list of items to pick up to help take care of Chattanooga’s homeless. Dustin Snell picked up these socks. He says he's glad he did it.

“Some people in the world can't afford this kind of stuff so it feels good to be helping out,” said Snell.

Others purchased sleeping bags and tents.

“The greatest thing that I’ve seen is a community that's willing to come together and support causes like this that make their community a better place,” said Dillon Burroughs, Executive Director, Relevant Hope.

Relevant Hope says everyone should give if they can.

“There is very much this saying in the bible that says the one that has two shirts help the person who has none, and that's basically the idea, if you have more than you need there are others who don't,’ said Burroughs.

Relevant Hope played a role in helping some of the displaced residents of Superior Creek Lodge. They say they still need more donations.

If you missed Saturday’s winter drive you still have another chance to give. They will have another one November 14th from 2 pm- 4 pm at Gander Mountain in Hixson.