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Video shows Trooper entertaining children after Halloween tragedy

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 11Alive has obtained exclusive video in a story that’s captured millions of viewers.

It’s the dash cam video from inside a Georgia State Patrol car as Trooper Nathan Bradley entertained four children – in the hours after their parents were killed on Halloween.

Now there’s a new twist to the story – the grandmother of those children has been hospitalized.

On Wednesday, 11Alive spoke with her. Now on Thursday, the family is in Florida where she’s been hospitalized for exhaustion.

However, she’s expected to be OK.

This news comes as new video shows the bonds that were formed in the hours before she could get to the four children during a joy ride in a patrol car.

It was Halloween night and the lights in the patrol car would light up the nights of most children.

But for these four, who unknowingly had just lost their parents in an SUV crash – it was one officer’s attempt to save a small piece of their childhood. It was a distraction.

Rather than put the four costumed children in state custody, Trooper Bradley gave them a ride and dinner – each of them proudly displaying their Burger King crowns.

It was followed with a promised sleepover at the police station.

The youngest of the four were excited.

“The surprise is here. Yay, yay,” one child exclaimed.

It was a thrilling night – but not one in which these children wouldn’t think about their parents.

I’ve never met any cops that were my friends,” one of the children said as they were riding in the patrol car.

“I’ll be your friend,” Bradley responded.

The young child gleefully accepted.

“Yeah, hey, the best cop ever friend,” the voice chirped from the backseat.

Trooper Bradley said he did suspect the oldest knew something had happened to their parents. He said the 13-year-old, Justin, helped him distract his younger siblings with candy and conversation.

It was an act of compassion creating a friendship amid a tragic loss.

Since the tragic accident, Bradley credits 11Alive viewers for helping change the lives of the family.

At last check, more than $339,000 had been raised for the children. Click here to donate. 

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