Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused an early morning fire that destroyed a Rossville home. 

Keasha Bradley's early morning paper route was interrupted when she noticed the home on Longview Drive on fire. 

"It went from coming out just one window to it was fully engulfed within five minutes," she said. 

Bradley's focus-- Calling for help and getting anyone inside, out. 

"I started screaming, honking my car horn for if anyone was in there. I never heard anyone," she added. 

Bradley's attention then shifted to neighbors, afraid the fire might spread. 

"It was starting to hit the trees and it started catching them on fire," she said. 

Bradley and a paramedic woke up the Heather Kidwell, 16, and her family. Alerting them to what was happening next door. 

"We were all asleep. That house would have burned down and ours would have too," Kidwell said. 

As crews battled the flames, Bradley returned to her route. But the possibility of someone being inside that burning home was a thought she couldn't shake. 

"I was really praying that no one was inside that house this morning. I didn't know. I cried when I did my papers, because I didn't know if somebody had died," Bradley said. 

Luckily no one was inside. 

Summer Schoenfeld's mother, who lived inside the home, was out of town visiting family. Summer called her mother to deliver the news after Summer's teenage daughter noticed her grandmother's house on fire while on the school bus. 

"I'm just glad she wasn't home," Schoenfeld said, "It's just a shell. That was her bedroom. Her bed and everything is gone. She wouldn't have been able to get out."

Proof that the job is more than just delivering newspapers, but taking care of those along the route. 

"I know if there's a stranger at your house. I know if someone doesn't belong there at 4:00 in the morning," Bradley said. 

Crews in Rossville are investigating an early morning fire.  A person delivering newspapers discovered the fire at a home on Longview Drive around 4:30 Friday morning.

Investigators say the trailer is not abandoned as they initially thought. The homeowner was out of town visiting her daughter at the time of the fire.

Crews say the trees surrounding the home made the fire tough to put out.

Investigators are now working to determine a cause.

No one was hurt.