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Caleb Brown's recovery detailed in a new book

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In October 2010, a then 2-year old-boy was visiting a Tennessee state park with his family.

That's when tragedy struck, and Caleb Brown was hit by a falling boulder at Fall Creek Falls National Park.

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It's been five years and a long road to recovery.

When Caleb's accident happened no one was sure if he'd make a full recovery.

On Thursday, he came to visit Channel 3, and showed us just how far he's come.

His dad is hoping Caleb's story will inspire others.

"His life has been an inspiration for me as his dad, and it's been an inspiration for our family," said Tim Brown You know ever since that boulder first struck him five years ago he's been an inspiration for so many people."

Timothy Brown remembers the day that changed his family forever. The Nashville family was camping at Fall Creek Falls when a boulder fell and hit two-year-old Caleb's head.

For months, it wasn't clear if Caleb would survive.

Channel 3 followed his journey as Caleb came out of a coma and later learned to walk.

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Caleb is now seven. He has made a remarkable recovery and continues to learn more and more each day.

Caleb is still about three years behind typically developing children his age.

But with each question he asks, his family sees improvement.

Caleb was recently named "Student of the Month" at his school and now he's learning to read.

"He still has a lot of cognitive exercises he does. Physically and as far as talking he looks and acts like a seven-year-old," Tim said.

The Browns now hope to share Caleb's story.

The family is set to release a book later this month detailing the events surrounding Caleb's accident, and how their family survived through faith.

"I hope and pray that the book will be a blessing not only to people's faith, people's marriages, but for others who are god forbid having to walk through a child with special needs," Tim said.

The book is called "God Still Speaks: The Miracle At Fall Creek Falls."

It was self-published by the family using funds raised through Kickstarter.

The book will be released in two weeks.

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