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Training and July 16th helped Chattanooga Police in "shots fired" call

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Wednesday's shot-fired call prompted a large-scale response from the Chattanooga Police Department. The department dispatched all available officers and SWAT members, who then swarmed Amnicola Highway and the area surrounding the Naval Operations Center.

"Nobody has seen anybody carrying a weapon. Nobody has seen anybody threatening anybody. Nobody has been harmed that we're aware of," said Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher, Wednesday.

Within minutes of receiving two separate 911 calls reporting a possible gunshot fired near the naval operations center Wednesday morning, officers were on the scene with guns drawn and K-9s searching the area.
"They're on it, though, they're not letting anybody in or out," said Chatt State student Shanquria Williams.

The nearby campus of Chatt State was put on lockdown, students and staff getting a text alert about the reported shooting.
"Someone said it was at the same place that happened last time. I was just hoping there wasn't another big shooting. That's the last thing we need," said Chatt State student J.T. Carter.

"The way the officers approached it, the courage that they showed on the 16th, was representative today as well," said Deputy Chief David Roddy.

Deputy Chief David Roddy tells Channel 3 there was an eerie feeling being called to the support center again.
"There would be a little more of a fluid response today because for a intents and purposes, we've already done it once," said Roddy.

He says since July 16 the department has discussed its response that day and what officers could learn for future shooting calls.

While he is glad Wednesday's incident was a false alarm he says the department was fully prepared.

"People's understanding of just the geography, what the building looked like. What the military personnel response inside the building, we've already either seen it or we've had discussions since July 16th so we have a better understanding of what everybody's doing in that incident," said Roddy.

In the meantime, CPD is not sure what led to Wednesday's call.
"As you know a lot of things can sound like a gunshot. A backfiring boat motor. Somebody duck hunting in a cove. There are a lot of things," said Chief Fletcher.

There is no active investigation into what happened Wednesday.

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