Chattanooga Police need your help finding suspects they say stole from a car parked at a church. For this week's case we go to, of all places, Christ Church on East Brainerd Road. Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer says this duo stole credit cards from a vehicle and, within an hour, used them at eight different locations."They have a small window of time that they're going to be able to use these cards," he said. "So, they go out in the get as much as they can."

These days, thieves can take more than your valuables. Via credit cards or cell phones, they can steal your identity.
"Absolutely," Off. Frazer agreed. "It's easy pickings. You know, you can go to a big parking lot like a hotel and you can take your pick of what's available in plain view. People leave purses and things of that nature just laying out, which is normal."

The surveillance pictures, this week, are exceptionally clear. We see the woman at Sportsman's Warehouse and the man at the Speedway convenience store just across Lee Highway. We even get a great look at the white car they were driving.

Many times, an arrest can clear additional cases and, often, there is crossover from the CPD's new auto burglary unit to major crimes. "A lot of the guns that we see, that we are taking off the streets, are guns that have been stolen out of vehicles," Frazer explained.

Criminals took notice of Tennessee's new guns in cars law. "These property crimes lead to stolen guns," Frazer added, "and stolen guns leads to violence in our community."

So, let us all do our part to keep our cars and trucks from becoming targets.

Remember, for this duo, there is a Crime Stoppers cash reward. "I'd say look at the pictures," said Frazer. "They're really good pictures and I look forward to meeting these two."

Up to $1,000 is on the table. Call: 423-698-3333

Leave a number if you get voice mail so Officer Frazer can get back to you if he has questions.

Whether he answers the phone or returns your call, he will never ask for your identity.