Walker County sheriff's deputies say they're investigating a reported home invasion that allegedly occurred Halloween night.
It happened at a Carolyn Lane home in the Fairview community.
Despite two eyewitness accounts from the alleged victims, deputies have yet to make an arrest.
" I opened the door, they said can we use your phone?"
Fairview's Joshua Young says it was just after 11 Halloween night when two young women came to his door asking to use the phone after encountering car   trouble.
" That's when somebody came from right here and had a gun, he was about six foot tall and was African-American," recalls Joshua Young. " He had it and said get on the ground to me and my wife both."
Young says the gunman then tied them up with karate belts, as he ransacked the home looking for a safe that Young says doesn't exist.
" We have no safe, like I said before, we work paycheck to paycheck," says Young.
" We've processed the crime scene, we've canvassed the neighborhood and at this time that's all we have to go on," says Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson, who says they're investigating this report as any other.
But the alleged victim says the detective on the scene didn't believe his story
" Because I was too calm," says Young. " And I told her I was epileptic and if I get my anxiety shot up, then I'll have seizures."
Young backs up the incident report which states the only items taken were two double a batteries that were removed from a phone and bleach, which Young says he and his wife were doused with as the trio left, relatively empty handed.
To better determine exactly what happened at this house on Halloween night, the Walker County Sheriff's Office is appealing to anyone with information to come forward.
 " We can take an anonymous tip on our website, Walker S O dot com or our Facebook page , Walker County Sheriff's Office," says Sheriff Wilson.
Sheriff Wilson adds a silver, Jeep-styled vehicle was spotted parked at a nearby vacant home by two independent eyewitnesses at the approximate time of the reported home invasion.
Wilson would like to know if the vehicle in question is connected to the case.
 If you have any information, you're asked to call the Walker County Sheriff's Office.