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UPDATE: Police "No active shooter" at Naval Reserve Center

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UPDATE: SWAT and K9 teams wrapped up their search of the perimeter at the Naval Reserve Center by early afternoon, and the lockdown at Chattanooga State was lifted shortly afterward.

Chattanooga police say there are no confirmed shots fired and no one has been reported as injured. Additionally, no gunman was ever sighted.

Dozens of police officers and SWAT teams responded after two loud, gunshot-like sounds were heard; one near the U.S. Naval Reserve Center and the other near Chattanooga State, according to Chattanooga Police Department's Chief Fred Fletcher.

Fletcher, when asked about the incident and the police response, explained "Nobody has seen anybody with a gun. Nobody has reported harming anybody. Nobody has reported being harmed."

Flecther continued, saying "We are responding, given the nature of the location, more robustly than we normally would because we want everybody to be and feel safe. Many things can sound like a gunshot, a backfiring boat motor, somebody shooting off a shotgun on the river, legal or illegal hunting or even gunfire. We want to make sure none of those are threats so we responded accordingly.”

Dozens of police cars converged on the U.S. Naval Reserve Center. SWAT teams entered the building as part of the search.

The area surrounding the Center, which is primarily the Tennessee Riverpark, was searched by police.

The Chattanooga State campus nearby was locked down as a precautionary measure.

Chief Fletcher wants to urge the public to stay calm and there is no active shooter in the area. He said the “unique location” referring to the July 16th shooting made today’s event sensitive.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police responded to reports of shots fired at the U.S Naval Reserve Center on Amincola Highway Wednesday morning.

CPD's Chief Fletcher tells Channel 3 that there is "No indication of an active shooter." No injuries have been reported, according to Fletcher.

This is the site of the July 16 shooting that claimed the lives of five servicemen.

Two calls were placed to the 911 call center, prompting police to swarm to the location. 

Police are searching the nearby woods and park areas along the Tennessee Riverpark area as a precaution, sweeping the area.

The Chattanooga State campus nearby has been locked down as a precautionary measure.

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