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Three teens arrested in Soddy Daisy, linked to more crimes across the state

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A trio of out-of-town teenagers are facing charges in Soddy Daisy, after police say they were breaking into cars.      

Early Tuesday morning, neighbors on Karen Drive caught teenagers in the act, stealing items from unlocked vehicles.

Once police got involved they realized these teenagers could be linked to more crimes in the area.

"I'm sitting here in the building, with the porch light on out front, the lights are on in the building and they're just brave enough to walk up and get in your vehicle with you sitting in there," said Jerry McClendon.

It was about 5:30 in the morning, when a neighbor pulled into Jerry McClendon's driveway.

McClendon is usually up early working on cars, and has coffee with a neighbor. His neighbor shocked to see he wasn't alone in the driveway.

"I came out and a guy was getting out of my red truck," McClendon said.

McClendon's neighbor saw a second person just down the road and the two started running away.

"I jumped in the truck and tried to find them and couldn't and that's when the police got involved," McClendon said.

Police chased the pair and arrested them.

A third teenager, a female, was also taken into custody.
It didn't take police long to learn the trio may be tied to other crimes in Knoxville.

"Couple stolen vehicles involved as well, in the journey to get down to Soddy Daisy," said Lt. Jeff Gann, "Still unclear what the connections are in the city."

Lt. Gann says the teens have been very uncooperative which makes it harder to track down where they're from --- and why they were on the run.

What police do know at this time, is the female juvenile is from Kentucky. The two boys are from Indiana. One was living in a group home, the other in a juvenile facility.

"Hearing the possibility that he may have escaped from this facility and again I don't know what the security procedures were of where he was placed," Lt. Gann said.

How they got to Karen Drive, and what their intentions were in the neighborhood, are questions that still need to be answered.

"Who knows how somebody gets from an escapee in Indiana to Karen Drive in Soddy Daisy," McClendon said.

The teens are at the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Facility, and Soddy Daisy police are continuing their investigation.

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