A Chattanooga mother is facing charges after police say she exposed her daughter to drugs and the baby nearly drowned.
Police were called to a home on Harrison Pike on Friday on reports of a near drowning. The 11 month-old victim was taken to the hospital, where investigators interviewed her mother, Erica Justice. Justice told authorities she found the child unresponsive but breathing in a bath tub. She said she left the room to grab pajamas and returned to find the child with her nose under water.
The doctors did not find any water in the child’s lungs, but they did find cannabis in the child’s system.
Justice’s boyfriend told police Justice purchased marijuana earlier in the day and the two smoked four blunts while in the vehicle with four children.
Police arrested Justice and charged her with aggravated child abuse or neglect, saying she failed to provide a safe environment for her child.
Justice is due in court on November 6.