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EXCLUSIVE POLL: Georgia wants Trump as president

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Donald Trump. AP photo Donald Trump. AP photo

One year out from the presidential general election and four months to Super Tuesday, Georgia voters are leaning towards Donald Trump as their candidate of choice.

In an exclusive scientific poll commissioned by 11Alive News and conducted by SurveyUSA, Donald Trump would win the Republican primary with 35% of the vote. Ben Carson is his closest competitor with 28% of likely Republican voters. Marco Rubio pulled in 12%. Five other Republican candidates were in the single digits.

When likely Republican voters were asked what they would do if Trump does win the Republican nomination, 74% said they would definitely vote for him, 7% said they'd definitely vote for a third party instead, 2% said they'd cross party lines and vote Democratic, 18% said it was too soon to decide.

The exclusive 11Alive News poll was conducted  in the days leading up to last week's Republican debate.

Republican strategist Brian Robinson sees Trump and Carson as insurgent candidates whose momentum will likely fizzle out."I would certainly feel good if I was in the Carson or Trump camps, but number three was Marco Rubio, and I think he is probably sitting in the catbird seat," he said.

The 11Alive News poll  shows Trump leads by 11 points with moderates. He also leads by 20 points among the least educated and least affluent voters.  Trump and Carson are tied among the most educated voters.  The most affluent give Carson a three-point lead.

"You will see Republican voters get more serious and as they do, right now, according to your poll, Marco Rubio is in the best situation to take advantage of that," Robinson said.

In the much smaller Democratic field, the 11Alive News poll shows Hillary Clinton with a crushing lead, with 73 percent support among likely Democratic primary voters.
Bernie Sanders follows with 16 percent support, then Martin O'Malley with 4 percent.  Those results lead SurveyUSA pollsters to conclude "Sanders is not today competitive in Georgia".

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