It took Gaylord Butch two full days to put up thousands of lights. The neighbors have nothing on him!

So they came and they stood. Dozens at a time they watched four large pumpkin faces sing, Homer Simpson busted a move,  and 50 pumpkins lit up the yard. Everything is synchronized to music.

“It’s just a good fun time to be out here with the family and kids. It kind of makes you feel like you are a little kid again,” said Brandon Olson.

It took 48 channels of light, 50 extension cords that stretch half a mile to make everything in the yard light up. The homeowner who made this show happen is an engineer from Atlanta now living in Hixson.

He says that he enjoys entertaining his neighbors so much that he'll do this again for Christmas. Butch says he's going to start on that project in a few weeks.