Cheerleaders at Oliver Springs High Schools honor the memory of Kimberly Enix by releasing balloons at their football game tonight.

Their small school was shaken after learning of Enix's death. Her oldest daughter, from a previous marriage, is a cheerleader at Oliver Springs High School. Her ex husband Chris Morrison is working to make sure his daughters remember their mother's life, good memories, and not the way she died.

The search for the man accused of murdering his ex-wife, Kimberly Enix, and kidnapping their daughter, Brooklynne, is over. And Brooklynne has returned to Knoxville and is in foster care, according to relatives. But her two half-sisters hope for a reunion with Brooklynne soon.

Now, the family is left to focus on the grief of losing Kimberly.

"I just don't know how i'm going to get through it," said Kimberly's grandmother Dorothy Graham. She raised Kim, since she was six years old.

"She was a good person, she was active in sports, she loved her work," said Graham.

Kim spent her days helping others. She was a social worker, specializing in domestic violence.

"So it is a bit ironic that this has happened to her," said Kimberly's aunt Cheryl Kemp.

Kemp and Kim were raised in the same household. She sees Kim as a sister.

"She was very strong willed. That's what made her who she was. That's what made her able to endure some of the situations that came her way," said Kemp.

Both women recount the stories Kim used to tell them about her ex-husband and accused murderer, Tyler Enix.