A trip to Chattanooga for Rochelle Bono from Michigan turned into an embarrassing situation. She says she was forced off a Greyhound bus due to her Tourette’s Syndrome. She hopes her story brings attention to the disorder.

Rochelle never felt more embarrassed. When there were no empty seats remaining on a Greyhound bus, she sat in the handicap seat, which she says she is legally allowed to do due to her Tourette’s.  She says the bus driver wasn't too thrilled with this choice.

“She had made it clear that she was uncomfortable driving the bus and proceeding any further with me sitting behind her because of my vocal ticks,” said Bono.   

After showing the driver her legal paperwork, Rochelle says, the driver finally started the bus and began to leave the station. “She stopped the bus and said I can't drive with you in this condition. I can't drive with you like this. She made it clear I was not welcomed on that bus.”

She says there was a lot going on in the bus during this time, causing her Tourette’s to get worse and worse with each passing moment. “: I was getting more and more nervous because more of my ticks were coming out. I was very embarrassed because everyone was looking and I just felt it was injustice because I have never been treated that terribly due to my disorder.”

Rochelle says it is more than being asked to get off the bus. “Pretty embarrassing, it effected a lot of things I was supposed to go see my daughter to make a Halloween costume and I was not able to do that.”

She hopes the other passengers, the bus driver, and you at home this embarrassing moment turns into a lesson learned about the disorder.

Channel 3 did reach out to Greyhound corporate. We were told an incident did happen on that bus that evening. We are still waiting for a statement from management.