If you happened to catch a Bradley Central game, this season, and you stayed in the stands through half-time, there is a chance you may have been Infected. No, not with any sort of communicable disease, airborne or otherwise. You see, that was the name of the Bear Pride Band's show!

A variation on the theme of the zombie craze, Director Kris Ware has woven together the music of Halloween, The Twilight Zone, and The Walking Dead for an amazing field performance. It begins with patient zero in the color guard and, one by one, each section gets infected until the Drum Majors are overcome in the pit. Fun stuff!

The Bear Pride is composed of 82 members, this year, with only 9 being seniors. They celebrated Senior Night this evening performing in their last regular season home game. Mr. Ware calls them all a great group. He raves about their positive attitude and calls their band camp experience "the best two weeks of summer!" They encountered and conquered a lot of challenges with the drill and the music of this show.

They have entertained the home fans and traveled to all but one of the away games, this year. Come rain or shine, he says, these students enjoy what they do and they do it with spirit. And, with a large group of 8th graders in the on-deck circle, he is already excited about growth, next year.

The Pride has competed in two contests this year... well, one last week and on tomorrow! And, they hosted one of their own: the Bradley Classic. It was, as it always is, a huge success!

If you would like to support the Bradley Central High School Band, find them online at: www.bradleyband.org  There you will see a list of their performances and fund raisers. 'Like' them  on Facebook, and you can follow them on Twitter: @bradleyband  Or, on Instagram: @bearprideband