When a pair of shoplifters tried to leave the Lowe’s in Dayton with $2,200 in merchandise, employee Frances Bowers sprung into action, confronting them in the parking lot.

“They went out and they set off the alarms, so I went and deactivated the alarms, and I went to ask the gentlemen if I can validate their receipt, and deactivate their merchandise,” said Frances Bowers.

Bowers says one of the suspects agreed to hand over a receipt. As she approached their car, the second suspect pulled out a gun, while loading the car with stolen goods.

“He held it on top of the roof of the car, and he told me that I needed to get back in the building,” said Bowers.

Bowers was able to get a tag number as they drove away. She says it's not the only Lowe’s store the pair hit.

“They’ve hit up a few in Florida, they hit up a few in Georgia, they hit up one in Ft. Oglethorpe,” said Bowers.

Channel 3 confirmed that the Lowe’s on Battlefield Pkwy in Ft. Oglethorpe was targeted as well.

Police are looking into if the cases are connected as word spreads. A spokesperson for Lowe’s tells Channel 3 the company is working with police and is glad everyone is okay.

Bowers hopes the pair is arrested soon so no other employees experience what she did.

Dayton Police are investigating the robbery. Their investigators were provided a description of the suspects and their car.

We’ll keep you posted as police work to find those suspects.

They encourage anyone who is the victim of a robbery to call 911 instead of taking things in to their own hands.