Hayley Porter says she's getting tired of watching cars speed down her street.

“Speeding has always been an issue, because we have this hill up here and those cars just fly,” said Hayley Porter.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has had enough too. Drivers are using Quail Mountain Drive as a shortcut to get around the road construction on Ooltewah Ringgold Road. 

“We’ve had reports of cars passing cars, going in the same direction. Just reckless driving, speeding,” said Adam Patton, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

When Channel 3 visited the neighborhood it didn't take long to spot a speeder. We witnessed a deputy pull over a car going 11 miles over the speed limit. The driver was issued a warning. But others have not been so lucky.

Since the construction project began on this new roundabout earlier this month, the sheriff's office has issued ten tickets.

The spike in speeding prompted the sheriff's office to warn drivers in this area. 

“We added extra traffic signs, also painted the 25 mph speed zone in big white letters,” said Patton.

The sheriff's office wants drivers to steer clear of this road and follow detour signs.

“The detour is set up for Bill Reed Rd, which is down by the BP gas station on Standifer Gap Rd, which takes you all the way to Ooltewah Ringgold Rd,” said Patton.

A wish shared by parents in this area who plan to hit the streets this weekend with their kids to celebrate Halloween. 

The roundabout that is causing all of this is being installed about half a mile from here to cut down on the number of crashes in this area. That project will be complete by the first of the year. Until then, the sheriff's office has issued a warning to drivers; they are going to be patrolling the area, especially on Halloween night.