A one-day joint operation by several law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrests of 33 people on a variety of outstanding warrants Wednesday.

The Chattanooga Police Department, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Red Bank Police Department and Tennessee Bureau of Investigations were involved.
Starting early Wednesday morning, 40 officers from the different agencies worked together to serve the outstanding warrants. 

Those arrested include Aryan Nation member Shane Albertson, who had 34 warrants alone across multiple jurisdictions. 

Officers were broken into teams of six individuals representing each supportive agency. 

The Chattanooga Police Department reports that of the 33 individuals arrested, 12 were felons and five were known gang members. 

  • 33 - Total Arrested
  • 52 - Misdemeanor Warrants Served
  • 12 - Felony Warrants
  • 2 - Child Support Served
  • 1 - Federal Warrant Served
  • 5 - Gang Members