The Cleveland  Police Department received 25 auto burglary reports over one night. Seventeen of those vehicles were left unlocked overnight.             Wallets, credit cards, an I-mac computer, along with two hand guns were stolen from the Crown Colony area in Cleveland.

Neighbors were surprised this week when they went out to their cars to see they had been burglarized. They were even more surprised when they called in to report the crime and learned two dozen other cars were hit as well. One family says something like this doesn't happen in such a small close knit neighborhood.

For David Bishop it started out like any other morning until he went out to his truck for work.  “I woke up, came out to my truck, open the door, and it had been gone through. They opened everything everything, they looked in every compartment,” said David Bishop.

Bishop’s two hand guns were stolen from the vehicle. He called the police to find out he wasn't the only victim in the neighborhood. “This is a one in and one out neighborhood. I have lived here 11 years and never had any problems; it is very surprising something like this has happened.”

Police say 25 vehicles were broken into. The majority of them were left unlocked overnight. Officer West says these are considered crimes of opportunity. “People walk by and see a car unlocked, see something valuable, they will just open up the door and not have to bust a window, it is quiet, open a door and get out,” said Officer West.

Simple tips for you so you don't become the next victim, “Hide your belongings or especially, if you run into a store and don't want to take your purse, put it in the trunk or just take it with you. Don't leave it in plain sight and lock your car doors.”

 For the Bishop family they learned the importance of always locking their doors-- the hard way. “I will always lock my truck from now on; the neighborhood is close knit we usually look out for strange cars or strangers in the neighborhood,” said Bishop.

The detectives investigating this say they do have video of some of the break-ins. It is not clear if the suspects can be visibly seen.