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ONLY ON 3: Homeowner talks about Monday break-in thwarted by police K-9

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A Chattanooga family is crediting police and a K-9 officer for keeping them safe during a home break-in.

The K-9, named Kilo, was able to locate the burglar.

The break-in happened in the early morning hours on Monday at a home off Hamilton Cove Drive.

"My wife said there is some strange noises in the house."

The homeowner, who does not want to be identified, says at first, he was not too concerned when he heard strange noises around 2 o'clock Monday morning.

"A couple of days before some of the branches from the tree fell on the car making exactly the same noise."

But he immediately called 911 when it became clear someone was inside his home.
"The bed we are (were in) is located on the other side of the wall where the TV is so it was like a big bang."

As the homeowner was on the line with 911 dispatch, police say this man, 53-year-old Aaron Harris, was putting his sticky fingers to work.

"He was stealing an X-Box and some games," says the homeowner.

Police say Harris piled up all the electronics he could find in the living room. But that is not all.

"He also stole a couple of beers."

The homeowner says Harris went rummaging through the fridge as well.
"I don't know maybe he was thirsty? He was thirsty because he opened my refrigerator and took some Sprite."

His wife managed to lock the bedroom door.

"She was scared to death."

He followed instructions from the dispatcher.
"'Stay calm. Stay in the room. barricade yourself.' I was pretty calm. I knew the police would do their job."

He says police were on the scene within minutes of dialing 911.
"No more than four minutes later we have the police behind the house."

Enter Kilo, the K-9, who tracked Harris's scent to the garage.

"He hide under the car."

Kilo cornered him and may have ripped off part of Harris's shirt, too.

"I'm definitely thankful for this really quick response," says the homeowner.

He says he cannot say thank you enough to Kilo and the police.

"Some people don't like police. For me, police is here to keep the bad guys behind the bars. And they did their job just perfect."

This is not Harris's first brush with the law. He has been arrested for burglary before. This time Harris is charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property. His next court date is November 3.

In the meantime, the man and his wife have installed a new security system for additional peace of mind.

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