Dr. Michael Allan, Parkridge says "Unfortunately, it was an either or choice, and I have had people refuse a defibrillator because they needed regular MRI for their neck or their back, they made that choice."

But now they don't have to make that choice anymore Dr. Michael Allan is a local cardiologist. We caught up with him at Parkridge hospital, where he performed the first MRI compatible Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator or ICD surgery in our area.  

This animation shows us how the procedure works.  The standard defibrillator is implanted much like a pacemaker for people with heart failure.

Dr.Michael Allan says "So it really allows patients to lead as normal a life as possible, do things other people would be able to do, with just very few exceptions."

While this new advancement gives patients a lot more flexibility. Doctors say there are some precautions and conditions... patients can't do things like jack hammering or welding.

Doctor Allan says this MRI compatible ICD is just as good if not better than the standard ICD, and he doesn't feel like patients are losing anything.

Dr. Michael Allan says "The whole benefit of ICD is you live longer , the longer you live the probably bigger chance you will need an MRI.  Again, it helps them be more normal."

And that's the goal for every patient.