A Chattanooga police officer was fired Friday for unbecoming conduct and dishonesty.

The former officer, Lukasz Blalazy  was involved in several domestic disputes with the mother of his child and used searching databases on the woman's boyfriend's father.

Blalazy fought with the mother of his child at least 10 times between July 2014 and May 2015. Three of those times officers responded to those disputes, said in a letter from Chief Fletcher. 

All three disputes, Blalazy was not arrested. In June 2014, officers were dispatched involving an allegation of aggressive physical contact between him and the mother of his child. In November 2014, the woman said Balazy physically assaulted her, but then retracted her statement when authorities arrived. 

Chief Fletcher states, "I am aware from the investigation that you have a history of multiple incidents which have involved allegations of vandalism, domestic assault and harassment and that you have used your authority as a police officer improperly and without justification to conduct a records search on the woman's boyfriend's father without legal cause."

Balazy also gave conflicting statements regarding if he put the mother of his child in a headlock. He told investigators that he did not put her in a headlock, but told his supervisor he might have put her in a headlock. 

Balazy has the right to appeal this termination within 15 days of being terminated.