There is a "lost and found" story that needs you for the happy ending.  

A 5-year-old boy and his mother are trying to find the owner of a lost wedding band. They found it while shopping at Goodwill off Highway 58 and hope someone watching right now will recognize it.

"It really is an example to all of us of how we all should be in working with other people and helping others," said Delwin Huggins, Goodwill  Vice Pres. of Operations. 

Right now the help is for a customer, who lost the ring in the Goodwill store off of Highway 58. She left her contact information, but now that clue is also gone.  
"The information we had about the lady who lost the ring... it's been a couple of weeks ago and we've misplaced this information," said Huggins. 

The other clue is a unique engraving. The owner was distraught when she lost it and employees have been looking for it since. No one could find it, that is until 5 -year-old James did the impossible, he found the ring ! 

James' mother tells us her son born with autism, has always paid attention to small details and nothing gets by him.  He knows right from wrong and knew the wedding ring belonged to someone else.

 "It makes me feel really good," said Huggins, "Goodwill is all about helping other people and to actually have that happen here in our store with another one of our customers makes me really proud of the young man and his principles and family for teaching him that things need to go back to their rightful owners."

Store employees have been waiting for her come back and waiting for her to call, they're hoping she see's this report. 

"We found it, call the news channel, call Goodwill on Hwy 58.... we wanna get it back to you," said Huggins., 

James and his mother say they know what its like to lose something precious. In "Goodwill" spirit they just want to pay it forward. The wedding band is gold, it has a special engraving on it. If you think it belongs to you or someone you know contact the Goodwill store off of Hwy 58 at 423-894-1740 or you can email James' mother: