A North Georgia kid got the surprise of his life when his wish to be a police officer for a day was granted.    

Video of 9-year-old Nick Brazzel in a pretend police chase in making the rounds on Facebook with almost a million views since Saturday.

Nick was in a squad car when they got the alert to be on the lookout for a stolen truck on I-75 in Catoosa County. Nick, along with real police officers volunteering their time, pulled over the bad guy and Nick arrested him for theft.

Ironically, the criminal was played by a local minister.

"I'm probably going to have to say 'thank you' all officers for putting this together for me," Nick said.

North Georgia law enforcement, led by the Georgia Department of Public Safety, made it all possible when they heard Nick's story.

His 5-year-old brother Cooper has a rare form of Mitochondrial Disease and suffers from hundreds of seizures daily. Cooper requires most of his parent's attention, but that has never stopped Nick from being a great big brother.

"He is a special young man that, unfortunately, takes a back seat to his little brother Cooper that has extreme special needs," his dad wrote on Facebook. "Saturday was to show him how special he was and how appreciated he is."

"He communicates with me pretty good. He's having a bad day with some seizures, but hopefully he gets better," Nick said.

Officers say Nick has the fortitude, compassion and hard work ethic to be a good police officer. As you probably guessed, Nick wants to pursue a career in law enforcement when he grows up.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety does this each year for a child who would otherwise be ineligible for "Make-A-Wish."

A total of 11 state and local agencies helped make Saturday a special day for Nick.