Whitfield County and Murray County's Sheriff's Offices conducted a join investigation and arrested a family believed to be responsible for the distribution of large amounts of methamphetamine in the North Georgia area. 

Authorities determined the targets of the drug ring were Wesley Bramblett,21, and his brother, Jerry Bramblett Jr, 24 . 

Authorities arrested Wesley Bramblett in late September, when he was stopped on the North Bypass by the Sheriff's Office. Police found a quarter pound of methamphetamine inside his vehicle. Courtney Wilson, 29, a passenger in the vehicle was also determined to be involved in the distribution of methamphetamine. Both were arrested and taken into custody.

During the investigation, police determined Wesley's brother, Jerry was living in Murray County and involved in the trafficking of meth to individuals in Murray, Catoosa, Gordon, and Whitfield County. 

Investigators determined Jerry Jr. had two residences in Oak Hill Estates in Murray Co. They obtained information that Jerry Jr. was storing his meth at one residence and keeping his cash at the other. 

Monday, authorities received a tip that Jerry Bramblett Jr. was coming to Whitfield Co. to deliver a large amount of meth. He was located and stopped on Edwards Circle, off Airport Road, by the Sheriff's Office and Georgia State Patrol. When searching the vehicle, over a pound of meth was discovered during the stop. 

Christian N. Bradley, 25, Wesley's fiance, was in the vehicle with Jerry Jr. and both were taken into custody on trafficking charges. 

Police searched both residences in Oak Hill Estates. In the first residence police found an additional pound of meth, as well as marijuana, firearms, and other drugs. During the search of the second residence about $40, 000 in cash was discovered. 

At the residence in Murray County were Jerry Bramblett Sr. and Johnny Towers. Towers was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine. Jerry Bramblett Sr. was charged for an outstanding probation warrant in Whitfield County. 

Wesley Bramblett, of Ringgold, Courtney R. Wilson, of Resaca, Jerry L. Bramblett Jr. and, Christian N. Bradley, both of Murray County have all been charged with; Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Possession of Methamphetamine, and Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute.

The investigation is on going.