A man in Catoosa County is fighting claims that he took the law into his own hands.
33-year-old, Daniel Edge says he was only following a 911 dispatcher's instructions.            

The Catoosa County Sheriff's department arrested Edge for impersonating an officer, stalking, false imprisonment and simple assault following an incident at a Ringgold gas station.
Two men say they were being followed and when they pulled over, they say Edge identified himself as law enforcement.

"The main part of it is, of course the testimony of the victims, stating that that's what he said," Sheriff Gary Sisk said, "And then of course his actions of giving pursuit of one that did flee the area."

Edge says he was taking orders from police -- hoping to catch a criminal.
He claims a car in his neighborhood was reported stolen and he thought he found the guys who did it.
Edge says he called 911 for help  and continued to keep the suspects in sight, but when police got to the scene the two men driving the car showed proof of ownership.

"But again, all that was turned around found out to be false because the owners of the vehicle had paperwork, had proof of ownership, registrations," Sisk said.

Edge's lawyer -- McCracken Poston -- says his client's actions will be cleared with the 911 call.

But Sheriff Gary Sisk says he cannot confirm that 911 call ever took place.
He believes its unlikely a dispatcher would encourage that kind of behavior.

"As far as getting out with someone or trying to intervene we would never give that kind of information to anyone," Sisk said, "If anything we'd definitely say stay back, don't get involved in it."

Sheriff Sisk says even if an officer is not in uniform he or she has several forms of ID and should be willing to show that to anyone in question.
Edge is currently out on bond. He could face up to 5 years in jail on the impersonating an officer charge.