UPDATE: A Chattanooga homeowner wakes up to discover a burglar inside his home early Monday morning. 

It happened around 1:45am at a home on Hamilton Cove Drive. The homeowner told dispatch he could hear someone moving and talking inside. 

It didn't take long for Kilo, an 8 year old Belgian/German Shepherd-mix to find the man police say broke in. 

Sgt. Tommy Meeks, who oversees the K-9 Unit at the Chattanooga Police Department, says all nine of CPD's K-9's are trained to be used for a couple different purposes-- Whether that be to sniff out drugs, explosives, or in this case, suspects. 

"They're smaller, they can move faster. But the best thing is their nose. Their nose can tell us everything, they can simply smell the suspect way before we even know where they're at," Sgt. Meeks added. 

After clearning the home, Kilo led officers to the garage where he found Aaron Harris hiding under a car. 

Sgt. Meeks says failing to come out, after repeated warnings, could lead to more charges. 

"It's up to the investigators if they want to charge them with resisting because he failed to come out. They have that option to charge them with that," he added. 

Harris suffered minor injuries. He was taken to a local hospital where he was checked out. 

He now sits behind bars charged with Aggravated Burglary and Theft Over $1,000.

PREVIOUS STORY: A police dog is being credited with catching a home burglary suspect Monday morning.

Chattanooga Police Department Officer Jeremy Wilson and his K-9 partner Kilo, responded to a burglary in progress call on Hamilton Cove Dr. 

Dispatch reported that the homeowner was inside the home, but could hear someone else moving and talking inside the home. 

The homeowner barricaded themselves in a locked bedroom, police approached the rear door where Officer Wilson told the suspect that K9 Kilo would be released into the home and ordered the suspect to come out. 

When there was no answer, Kilo went in through the garage, then through a door to the interior of the home.

That’s when K-9 Kilo got his man.

The police dog located and apprehended the suspect who was lying on the floor under the car. 

Aaron Harris, was placed in police custody and suffered only minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital for examination and treatment

Harris was then transported to the Hamilton County Jail and charged with aggravated burglary and theft over $1000.00.