Lee University students wrapped up their 90 hour ultimate Frisbee challenge. Thirty students have been on the move since Wednesday night competing for their way into the record books.

The past 90 hours have been tiresome, challenging, and very rewarding for Lee University students. The goal is more than the record books they are hoping to have raised thousands of dollars for the July 16th shooting victims and their families. With each hour passing and each pass to teammates, seniors say this weekend was all worth it.

Senior year for Landon Earley is more than the exams, graduation, and job applications it is about throwing his way into the record books. “Very excited to do this, one of those once in a lifetime types of things.” Said Earley.

For 90 hours Earley and his peers are competing in the Ultimate Frisbee Challenge, hoping to beat the current world record of 70 hours of non-stop Frisbee throwing. The Hucks for Heroes team, they are doing it for more than the bragging rights. “It is starting to check in for who we are doing it for. It is not just for the Guinness World Record, it’s like were doing it for the families of the Fallen Five. We are pushing through really tough shifts and really tough 12 hours to go for them and we do this as a representation for what they had to deal with.”

After the horrific events of July 16th, Senior Organizer, Derek Murray knew he had to do something for support, “I woke up on the 17th and was like man, this is something I need to do. So I pitched it to some of these guys playing and we got a lot of support very quickly, the school was on board, and we just went from there,” said Murray.

With every passing hour and each passing Frisbee, Murray knows this 90 hour challenge wouldn't be possible without the players working so hard on the field and this dedicated community. “Just thanking them over and over for being out here this long.”

The group ends its 90-hours of play with a concert at the AT&T Field in Chattanooga, including a performance from recent Lee grad and American Idol, runner up Clark Beckham. Their hope is to raise $250,000 for the shooting victims and their families. Students say it'll be the grand finale to a week of hard work.

Channel 3 will bring you the amount of money raised once it is all counted.