Lorena Arnold Christie’s loved one's surrounded her as they celebrated another year of life.

“We feel very blessed that the Lord has let us keep mother as long as we have,” said Lorena's daughter, Elizabeth Thompson. 

Christie who is 105-years-old has two daughters, eight grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild. Christie’s family says she is doing well for her age.

“She has a cane, but sometimes she carries it more than she uses it,” said Thompson.

After Christie turned 100 her family decided they should do something special for her every year, one year she rode a motorcycle. This year she set off fireworks. Christie’s family says she's the oldest Pyrotechnician in the U.S. it's something she still enjoys.

“And the sky is so pretty, different colors come out,” said Christie.

Christie says it's her faith in God that's allowed her to see 105 years, as well as eating a scramble egg, two pieces of bacon, toast, with a glass of orange juice and coffee every morning.

“I believe you ought to eat the right kind of food because god put the food here,” said Christie. 

Her family says they listen to Christie’s advice, because they want to live a long life just like her.

“The whole family is just very healthy. Hopefully my sister and i will get those same genes, and live just as long,” said Thompson. 

Christie worked as an educator. Her family hopes Christie gets in the Guinness book for being the oldest person to shoot fireworks. 

Her family says next year they plan to take her on an airplane ride.