The Chattanooga Fire Department stepped away from battling fires Saturday morning to help battle Autism. They hosted a pancake breakfast to help raise money for one of their own.

The Chattanooga Fire Department is typically fueled by fire. On Saturday the men and women were fueled by the chance to make one little boy smile. They hosted a pancake breakfast to raise money for a therapy dog for Noah Philips.

Pancakes hot off the skillet being served up by none other than the Chattanooga Fire Department.

“Skylar came to us and said his son has Autism and needs to get a service dog and we were like, hey whatever we can do to help,” said firefighter Jack Thompson.

They teamed up to help the Philips family. A five dollar donation allowed the community to  not only got a hot plate of pancakes but also the chance to help Noah.

“The fire service is a family and we are a family and we got to take care of our family as much as possible. When our family is happy and we are taking care of our family we have a bigger chance to serve the public and citizens of Chattanooga.”

In a crowd of people coming out to support the Phillip’s it wasn't only neighbors helping neighbors it was also first responders helping other first responders.

“It is a brotherhood, we take care of our own, we're thankful for that. Very fortunate and blessed,” said Noah’s father, Skylar.

The Phillips family is touched by the support. “Overwhelming, really grateful and thankful for everything the fire department and association has done for us. Unbelievable everyone that has shown up so far, we are just very thankful.”

As Noah’s dad greets the crowd he has one thing to say to everyone who showed up for Saturday’s fundraiser. “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. We got chiefs flipping pancakes and it’s everyone coming together and really taking good care of us, very thankful.”

And for little Noah the common wish, “: I just hope he and the family get a little sense of security for Noah and Noah is able to bond with him and approve his life,” said Thompson.