Michael Lord was trying to get rid of his leaves Thursday, when he put them in a ditch.

“I put gas on it, and it went woooo,” said Lord. 

Lord says he's done this before and never had problems, but all it takes is once. Thursday, he poured a half a gallon of gas on leaves. Chattanooga Fire Chief Chris Adams says the invisible vapors can carry the flames right to you.  

“When you walk up, and take something to ignite the fire, a match or lighter, then next thing you know you are engulfed in it as well,” said Chris Adams, Chief, Chattanooga Fire Department. 

One gust of wind is all it takes. 

“The wind definitely moves it much quicker, and wind direction here changes every few seconds,” said Adams. 

You can burn leaves in Hamilton County, but only with a permit. 

“Wait until they are dry enough and you can get them burning and you can maybe just put them in smaller piles, make sure they are away from any other combustibles, rake them into smaller piles, let them dry out good,” said Adams. 

But just to be on the safe side, they recommend you reach out to the city, and they will come and collect your leaves for you. 

If you call 311, the city will come out and collect the leaves. If you are caught burning leaves without a permit on your property you could be fined. if you would like to learn more about burning permits in Hamilton County visit here.