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Woman on mission to stop speeding makes strides

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Natalie Wilson was desperate to put a stop to speeding on her street.

“I was almost going to put my own speed bumps down, with some spikes in it. You know do whatever it takes to get people to slow down," said Wilson.

Luckily, the city showed up, responding to a petition signed by neighbors. The  City of Chattanooga measured speed and confirmed what Wilson told them, Through Street needs speed cushions.

“We found that the 85th percentile speeds which we use as a measure were 38 miles an hour, and that was significantly over the 25 mph speed limit for that neighborhood,” said John Van Winkle.

In August, Wilson’s four-year old nephew was hit by a car outside the family's home.  The incident launched her into a campaign to make the area safe for kids. Wilson went door to door asking neighbors to support that mission.

“And what a joy, I’ve been waiting on this for quite some time now,” said Wilson.

A month later, you can see plans for speed bumps near Wilson’s home. The city plans to install four speed cushions. 

“She saw that it was a problem in her mind, and we verified it very easily. We did our studies, it qualifies. So we are moving on,” said Van Winkle.

Wilson won't have to wait long. The city tells Channel 3 the speed bumps should be installed in the next two weeks.

If you are working to get speed bumps in your Chattanooga neighborhood visit http://www.chattanooga.gov/images/citymedia/publicworks/NTMPGUIDELINES.pdf

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