We're learning more about the Walker County woman who was struck and killed by a Jeep as she cycled through her Chickamauga neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

The Georgia State Patrol says its SCRT team is investigating the 4:15 p.m. collision that left Melinda "Mindy" Brewer dead at the scene.

"The vehicle attempted to make a left turn onto Prospect Rd, striking the bicyclist heading north on 193," says Georgia State Patrol's Andrew Gideon, who can tell us how 55-year old Melinda Brewer died, but in no way can he tell us how she lived.

"It's hard to really talk about to be honest with you," shrugs Alan Chandler. "We don't know whats going to happen."

"It's hard not to think of her in that house down there," interjects Carrie Chandler. "That's the hardest part for me, to know that she's not there."

The Chandlers own Chickamauga's Camp New Dawn and say they knew their next door neighbors well.

"Gentle Hands Ranch, we operate a gentle hands ranch because we're dealing with, gentle children," says "Sheriff" Bob Brewer, Mindy's widower, who tries to keep a good face on the anguish he and Mindy's daughter, Jessica, are now enduring.

"A situation like this, hurt ain't the word," says Bob, who with his late wife, ran this equine therapy center part time.

Mindy, by profession was an occupational therapist, who couldn't do enough for children of any background or challenge.

"She found a way to combine those things and gave lessons to children with disabilities that was able to help them and improve," says a hurting daughter Jessica. "And it just made her so happy."

"And when you make a difference in a child's life, you're also affecting the world," affirms Bob of his late wife's ongoing endeavor on behalf of area children

Bob and Jessica say they'll strive to keep Mindy's work going, but admit she's a tough act to follow. But both find a bit of solace in her favorite windmill, and this piece of advice that applies.  To be like the windmill and stand tall in the winds of life, and then go with the flow.

But for Mindy's neighbors Alan and Carrie Chandler, they still wonder about the accident that took their friend's life.

"I don't want to say blame the motorist, but we're praying for him," says Alan.

"If negligence was at play, we definitely want to pursue it. But if negligence was not at play, we understand, accidents happen," shrugs Bob.

Officers have yet to charge the driver of the Jeep that fatally struck Melinda Brewer.

A celebration of life is planned for the late Mindy Brewer Sunday, at 12:30, at Cassandra Baptist Church.

Many have asked what they can do to help.

Melinda's church has set up a donation to help fund a faith-based program that Melinda passionately believed in. All donations will go to help make that initiative a reality in her honor. Donations can be sent to 1371 W. Cove Rd, Chickamauga, GA 30707.