UPDATE: Scary moments for those on board a Bradley County school bus after a crash around 7:00 Thursday morning on Council Road in Charleston. 

"The bus, when I got here, was leaning like this off the road here and it was leaning against this tree this morning," William Price said. 

Price arrived minutes after the crash happened. His daughter was on board. Junior Henry also arrived before first responders. Even though his daughter wasn't on the bus when the crash happened, he didn't think twice when it came to rendering aid. 

"As a parent and a citizen, that's what we're supposed to do is look out for other kid's safety," Henry added. 

The bus driver told school officials there was heavy fog in the area at the time of the crash, but both parents disagree. 

"If it had been foggy, we wouldn't have been able to get here so quick. The fog moved in after the wreck happened and we got the kids out," Henry said. 

Price says the bus driver works a second job overnight at a local plant and believes the lack of sleep takes a toll on this job. He's even taken his concerns up with school transportation officials in the past. 

"I feel like he needs to be off this route, totally all together," Price said. 

Transportation Supervisor Gary Austin tells Channel 3 the driver is suspended until further notice. Channel 3 also discovered this isn't the driver's first crash with a school bus. Austin says the driver was involved in another crash four years ago. Austin tells Channel 3 he doesn't believe the driver's second job impacts his bus route. 

Price says after Thursday's events, he'll find another way for his daughter to get to and from school. 

"It could have been my daughter seriously hurt, or any other other children on the bus," Price said. 

School officials say it's unclear if that driver will be allowed back on the road. That's a decision that will be made at a later time, but if he does, he will have to undergo driver safety training. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A school bus crash on in Charleston Wednesday morning injured one student and another was taken by a parent to have a tooth checked.

The one student was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for examination and treatment, and was later released.

The crash happened on Council Road and only involved the school bus, according to Dr. Linda Cash, Director of Schools for Bradley County Schools.

The driver will be suspended, pending the investigation. 

According to Cash’s memo, he will also receive driver safety training before being allowed to return to work as a school bus driver.