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CHA to hold Tenant Landlord Fair Thursday

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The Chattanooga Housing Authority will hold its second Tenant Landlord Fair Thursday to connect landlords of affordable, available units with Housing Choice Voucher Program participants. 

It's Wednesday night service at Abba's House in Hixson. After a rough couple of months, tonight Ashley Harmon and Josh Adamson are thankful. 

"It's permanent housing and a roof over my head," Ashley said. 

Without jobs or a place to live, the couple came to Chattanooga from Florida last month hoping the services offered here would help get them back on their feet. 

"The clinic for the homeless, we've got the Community Kitchen with the Day Center. That gives you showers and food and phone calls. You can even get your mail sent there. Which is awesome because when you're homeless, you really need your mail sent somewhere," she added. 

That mail may now have a permanent place to go. 

After spending weeks living on the streets, Ashley and Josh found out Wednesday they will soon have a place to call home. 

"It's got everything you need. A kitchen, a fridge, a stove, a washer and dryer, a living room," she said. 

It was all made possible through the CHA Housing Choice Voucher Program. Housing Navigator Theresa Biggs says there are as many as 400 people in Chattanooga like Ashley and Josh who need affordable housing. 

"I help them determine what's affordable for them, look for affordable housing in the area that they're looking for and connect them with the landlord," Biggs said. 

Biggs hopes to match more voucher participants with landlords at a fair on Thursday. 

For Ashley and Josh, the future looks bright. They hope to move in this weekend, finding work is next on the list. 

"I don't want to be on unemployment in order to live my life. I want to be able to make it myself and contribute, just like the next one," she said. 

The CHA Tenant Landlord Fair will be held Thursday from 6-8 pm at the Chattanooga Housing Authority. The address is 801 N. Holtzclaw Avenue. 

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