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Crime Stoppers: Drive-by Shooting on W 38th Street

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Chattanooga Police Officer Mark Frazer summarized this week's Crime Stoppers case before he handed us off to the lead detective. "The fact that we only have one victim, first of all, is incredible," he said. "The fact that we have any victims is horrific."

At the site of the shooting, Detective Andrew Peker from the Violent Crimes Bureau set the scene. It was mid-October, at mid-day, on Sunday the 11th. In a hail of bullets, Darrell Bridges was shot twice, while walking along West 38th Street. "There were shell casings from about the front of the bus stop to half a block away, scattered throughout the street," he said as he pointed. "So, it was clear that they were just shooting as they were driving."

Bullet holes are still visible in a home, one of many that line the street. As Peker showed us the marks and the areas that had been repaired, he described how things could have been much worse. "People live behind these walls," he said, "and these bullets don't just stop when they hit the door or the window. These bullets go through the house, and they don't know who's in this house when they drive by and put this many bullets into a house. They don't know who's behind these walls that could be killed."

A nearby surveillance camera caught a glimpse of the car. It was a black Chevy Impala. "It's distinctive," Peker said. "It has dark tinted windows and a wing on the back."

A super-observant CPD Neighborhood Patrolling Officer spotted the vehicle and chased down a couple of occupants, but the entire story of the shooting is not yet known. There may be more people involved. This is where you come in. There is up to $1,000 reward available for your good tip. Police could use information you do not even know is connected to this case. "There's a pattern to the activities out here," the detective explained. "There's certain things that stand out: a vehicle sitting in wrong spot for too long, watching a house, just people acting strangely, hanging out all hours of the night maybe when they shouldn't be, making a lot of noise. You know, people see things that are not ordinary."

Report to authorities what you know and you have our promise that we will never ask your name.

Help reclaim this community for the children who play here and for all who want to live their lives free from fear. "People have to hear things and see things," Det. Peker said, "and we hope that they share that with us because the key is gonna be getting these violent people off the street."

It is going to take a group effort to clip this violence in our city. If you have been holding back out of fear, Crime Stoppers presents the perfect opportunity to help. No one, not prosecutors, not the police, and certainly not the bad guys, will ever know your name.

Call: 698-3333

If you get voice mail, leave a way for Officer Frazer to get back in touch with you. Again, you do not need to leave your name and an honest payday could soon be yours.

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