One Chattanooga sanitation employee is worthy of special notice for the extra attention he provides along his route.  Jonah Daniel says he's no hero, that he's just doing his job.  But going above and beyond his regular duties have caught the eye of his employers, and those he serves.

The trucks with robotic arms can do a lot, picking up the heavy receptacles, dumping and compacting their contents, and putting them back on the curb.  When Jonah noticed many residents struggle getting them to the curb and back, he decided to go the extra mile, making sure they don't have to. Jonah's good deeds have not gone unnoticed by his supervisors.  City sanitation manager Gary Franks said, "I wish I had a hundred just like him.  He treats the folks along his route like they're his own mother."

Betty Thaxton is one of Jonah's biggest fans.  She told us that Jonah's watchful eye extends past the cans on the curb.  Recently, as she struggled to get her receptacle to the curb, she fell.  Jonah jumped out of the truck as soon as he saw her, helping her back to her house, and arranging for weekly pickup that would not require her to take the can to the street. 

It's that kind of attention that earns Jonah the respect of those along his route. Franks tells us that Jonah received a call from Mayor Andy Berke for his good deeds.  "I'm just in the right place at the right time, by the grace of God," Jonah said. "I'm very thankful to have this job."