UPDATE: Chattanooga police have arrested Christopher Lowe in connection to Tuesday's homicide, according to a tweet sent out by the department.

Lowe has been charged with:

  • First Degree Murder
  • Especially Aggravated Robbery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Unlawful Carry/Possession of a Weapon

Officers responded Tuesday to a call at 2221 East 28th Street where they found Percy Allen shot in the neck.

The motive was a robbery attempt.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Chattanooga Police are looking for any evidence leading to information on the shooting death of a 20-year-old man.

His killer is still out there. This is one of the many shootings to happen in our area over the last few days.

The Chattanooga Police Department is busy Tuesday evening investigating another shooting in the city.  They responded to a call at 2221 East 28th Street where they found Percy Allen shot in the neck. The motive -- they say is a robbery attempt. Neighbors say they want this violence to end in their community.

Family and friends stand around the home where their friend 20 year old, Percy Allen was shot and killed. Yellow caution tape blocks off the home on East 28th Street where the father once played in the front yard with his young daughter.

“I'm feeling a lot of sorrow, grief, and remorse. It is sad our young black boys are getting shot and killed,” said neighbor Freddie Benford.

Allen's murder is one of the three shootings to happen in the city this week. A neighbor living at the East Lake Apartments says something needs to be done. “I don't want tragedies to keep on happening and keep going over and over again. It is the children's lives that are getting thrown away.”

She says placing more officers in the East Lake Apartment complex will make her feel safer. “They need to put a police officer right in East Lake or put more cameras up and a police station right in the East Lake Projects to stop some of the violence.”

Freddie says she didn't know Percy Allen, but she is a mother. As she watches Allen's mom cry on the sidewalk she thinks of her own children's safety. She says the only way things will change is if everyone joins together in ending violence in our community.

“Somebody needs to stand up, somebody needs to fight, and all the communities need to come together. And if you are a mother of a son in a gang turn him in because you are going to save their life.”

The Violent Crime Investigators and Crime Scene Investigators are looking into this shooting. At the moment they do not have any suspect information. They are urging anyone with any information about the shooting death of Percy Allen to come forward.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police working a fatal shooting near 2800 4th Ave.

The intersection of 28th St. between 5th Ave & Dodds Avenue has been shut down to traffic.

Motorists should avoid the area, according to police.

The shooting took place across the street from where Wonsik No was killed in September in a robbery attempt.

Channel 3 has a crew at the scene and will update this developing story.