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Lookout Mountain business owner wants to give back to firefighters who responded to devastating fire

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After a year and a half of rebuilding, Cafe on the Corner Owner Ruth Oehmig can finally see the finish line. 

"Finishing up the kitchen and the dining room and the patio. But very, very close. It's been a long haul," she said. 

She hopes to reopen her cafe in six weeks after the century-old building was destroyed by an early morning fire. 

"These firemen just came out and grabbed me and hugged me and were crying," she said. 

Now Oehmig wants to give back to the men that helped her that dreadful morning. She hopes putting these men in front of the camera will help share their story.

"A lot of them are volunteer firemen and they buy their own equipment, which is very, very expensive," she added. 

Oehmig, will show the video at a fundraiser later this year. She wants to raise enough money to buy communication equipment and air packs for the Lookout Mountain, Georgia Fire Department. 

Filming was interrupted when one of the volunteer firemen got an emergency call. His own home was on fire. 

Crews got there in time to put the furnace fire out. No one inside was hurt. 

Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Fire Chief Randy Bowden says it's a good example of how they provide mutual aid with the Lookout Mountain, Georgia Fire Department. 

"It's great that she realizes that there's things that departments need and hopefully she can help them. I"m proud of her. She's a great lady," Bowden added. 

"They're fathers and husbands and sons and friends and we want to take care of them," Oehmig said. 

Oehmig doesn't have a date for that fundraiser set just yet. She hopes to have one soon. We will keep you posted on that date. 

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