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Sheriff Hammond invites media to try "shoot, don't shoot" scenarios

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Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond wants to spend $70,000 on new, state-of-the-art training equipment for his deputies that he says they "desperately" need.

It's a "shoot, don't shoot" training simulation that puts officers through an array of scenarios. The sheriff invited Channel 3 and other local media to test out the equipment and experience the split-second decisions officers face on a daily basis.

"The better we can hone our skills and know when to shoot and when not to shoot, the better it is for citizens and law enforcement," Sheriff Jim Hammond said.

The video scenarios feature actors and instructors can manipulate the person to do different things based on how the officer responds both verbally and physically to the scenarios.

"You gain an appreciate for the split-second decision that all of our law enforcement officers are placed in," said Lt. Jody Mays. "It's very easy to second guess an officer's actions, were they appropriate or not? For weeks, months, even years."

One of the "Training Lab Interactive Use of Force and Firearms Simulation Systems" costs $70,000 to purchase but the county already spends $6,000 to rent it for two weeks each year.

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