Part of Chatanooga Mayor Andy Berke’s initiative to make the city more safe for pedestrians, new traffic calming patterns are set to be introduced to some streets next week.

Vine Street, from Palmetto Street to Central Avenue through the historic Fort Wood neighborhood will have one-lane converted to a two-way cycle track, according to a news release from the city.

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation worked with the Neighborhood Association to address though speeds on the two-lane, one-way street.  

The cycle track will improve connectivity by bicycle and vehicle speeds will be reduced with the one-lane road according to city officials.

W 12th Street, from Carter Street to Grove Street, is near the Chattanooga Youth and Family Development Offices.  

CDOT and YFD have partnered to improve access to this city facility with sidewalks, a pedestrian crossing, and buffered bike lanes.  

These improvements should calm traffic, by narrowing the 18-foot-wide lanes, and converting the three-lane road to two lanes, plus bike and pedestrian facilities.