According to Hamilton County EMS, fire and rescue personnel worked throughout the night and all morning searching for two teenagers that did not return home Saturday night. 

The parents of a sixteen year old female called 9-1-1 around 8 P.M., Saturday night reporting their daughter was missing and did not return from her hike at Pocket Wilderness Trails on Mowbray Mountain. 

Mowbray Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene and requested a mutual aid response for additional assistance. Sequoyah VFD, Dallas Bay VFD, Walden's Ridge Emergency Services and Chattanooga-Hamilton County Rescue responded to Pocket Wilderness to assist TN State Parks and Mowbray VFD. 

Rescue personnel searched through the night looking for the teenagers. At 11:00 A.M., Sunday, rescue personnel reported the two teenagers have been found at the Hog Skin Branch area.

Hog Skin Branch is about 4 miles from the parking lot area at Pocket Wilderness trails. Rescue personnel checked the two teenagers vital signs and reported no medical attention was needed. 

Fire officials said the two teenagers were hiking Saturday afternoon when they lost sunlight and could not find the way back to the parking lot and decided to find shelter until the morning. 

The two teenagers names will not be released,