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Television productions see rise in East Tennessee

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One Knoxville neighborhood is undergoing a transformation as a set for a television show.

Slowly but surely this home in Old North Knoxville is becoming a filming location for a Jupiter Entertainment production.

By nightfall lights and camera crews will be in place transforming this home into a stage.

It reminds Keith McDaniel of a time when Knoxville was home to many television productions.

"Knoxville was the third largest producer of cable television programming in the country. Now there was a bit of a downturn when the economy decided to turn upside down on us for a few years, but we're really seeing it start to come back. More TV is being produced here in Knoxville," McDaniel said.

In a letter to neighbors about the overnight filming, Jupiter Entertainment says the television and film industry is growing in Knoxville, bringing in thousands of jobs.

The director of the Knoxville Film Festival believes the variety of landscapes found in this region makes it a strong contender as a filming location.

"You can be 30 minutes away and be on the lake, 45 minutes away and be in the Great Smoky Mountains. So there's lots of versatility and what that does for production is, it saves time, which saves money."

McDaniel said a cheaper cost of living is another way Knoxville competes with heavyweights in the film industry.

One place he said the state needs to work harder is giving companies a reason to come to East Tennessee.

Gov. Bill Haslam has worked to address that - giving the ABC show "Nashville" $8 million to stay in the state.

But McDaniel said that isn't enough.

"States around us are kicking our tail with their incentive program and that's a tough nut to crack," McDaniel said.

Knoxville is home to a number of large-scale production studios including Scripps Networks, North South Productions, Rivr Media, and Jupiter Entertainment.

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