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ONLY ON 3: Body camera shows officers chasing burglary suspect on foot

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Footage from a Cleveland police officer's body camera shows a foot chase in action. Two officers are being praised for catching an alleged copper thief, red-handed.

The suspect jumped out of a building window before leading officers on the chase.

"Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands!"

It's the view from a CPD officer's body cam while chasing down a burglary suspect earlier this week.

The chase started at the Old American Knitting Factory on 6th Street. Officers Tyler McGuire and Brett Taylor were called to the scene.

"I heard something fall. That's what got my attention," McGuire said. "I walked around the edge of the building, at that time he was jumping out the window."

McGuire was talking to the owner of the factory, who saw 24-year-old Christapher Baumgartner cutting copper pipes.

"He jumped out the window after I pulled up behind officer McGuire's car," Taylor said.

The officers chased Baumgartner for several blocks before he surrendered.

Baumgartner has a lengthy criminal history, which includes multiple burglary charges.

The factory owner told police that he had been dealing with a rash of copper theft on the property for several weeks.

"It feels good to take somebody like that into custody, helping our community out," McGuire said. "Keeping someone off the streets that probably would've done it again, and probably has done it in the past."

"Some foot pursuits don't turn out so well, but this one here, we came out on top," said Taylor.

When police returned to the factory, they found cut copper pipes, tools, and bolt cutters. They say Baumgartner caused $30,000 worth of damage. He is in the Bradley County Jail on multiple burglary charges.

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