Graysville (Ga) Elementary School students recently participated in a fun run to raise money for the school. The goal of the Apex Fun Run is to collaborate with schools and faculty to build student leaders through a successful school fun run.

 Apex is a program run by athletes who are all very passionate about building leaders, and are all deeply connected to teachers and principals in education.  Apex has raised over $8 million dollars for hundreds of schools and 85,000 students.

All Graysville grade levels participated.  Before the fun run, Apex Dream Team athletes visited classrooms to promote fitness and leadership traits to students.

Students ran 1/16 mile laps during grade level times. As each student completed a lap, their laps were marked off on their Dream Team shirts to document student success for their pledges.

 Students were able to obtain pledges online for the number of laps they completed. The event was a huge success for character-building and leadership at the school.