UPDATE: We first introduced you to Larry Yother, co-owner of Northgate Auto Sales, last month as he pledged to pay $1,000 to anyone that may know who caused thousands of dollars worth of damage at his used car lot. 

Surveillance video shows the man, who police say is Cory Dunn, 35, carrying out the crime with two distinct characteristics that helped lead to his arrest. 

"He walked with a limp, a distinctive limp and he wore a certain hoodie often. We were able to recognize that hoodie," Chattanooga Police Officer Brad Brown said. 

Within a matter of minutes, the value of Yother's cars dropped costing him thousands. 

"I'm down in the bucket because my cars are all destroyed and I'm going to lose thousands of dollars. The estimated value that they told me was $38-42,000 on these cars," Yother said. 

After some investigating, Brown believes Dunn may be connected to other crimes in the area. 

"I drew a map to come up with a time line of different crimes in the area from that certain day and also in the past to where it showed his residence in the center of a crime wave," Brown added. 

By giving Brown more time to focus on cases like this one, he says more will be able to be solved getting more criminals off the street. 

"When I get a call and I go to the victim, I actually feel bad for the victim and I want to go out and solve their case for them because I know that I can put myself in their place," Brown said. 

For Yother, it's business as usual. He says he still plans of following through with that reward and is looking forward to seeing Dunn in court. 

"The principle is what it's about. It's about principle and he doesn't have a principle," Yother said. 

Dunn is due in court Thursday morning. 

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Insurance agents say it's the worst claim they've filed and now the owners of Northgate Auto Brokers are taking matters into their own hands determined to find who's responsible. 

"It's like he just took his fist and went around and around and just made designs," he said. 

But what he doesn't know is why someone vandalized half his fleet at Northgate Auto Brokers in Hixson. He's owned the business with this father for 45 years. 

"A single edged knife? He could have used a can opener, a screwdriver? He was using something pretty sharp," he added. 

About 20 cars have scratches to multiple panels so severe, Yother estimates it will cost around $32,000 to fix. 

"You can't just spray canned paint and go on. You have to sand it down, primer it and start over," he said. 

Surveillance video shows a hooded suspect carrying out the crime around 7:45 Tuesday morning during rush hour along one of Hamilton County's busiest roadways. 

"He was over there doing the job even though he didn't know my Dad was on the other side," he said. 

The crime spree spilled over to the insurance company next door as Tracey Dykes worked at her desk. She believes the vandal even peered through her office window. 

"It was kind of disturbing to see his face print on my window," she said. 

She discovered her car rummaged through. The only thing missing-- A pair of old sunglasses. 

"I don't leave my purse in my car. I don't leave anything in my car and it was locked. So, I'm not sure how he got in without breaking a window," she added. 

Now Yother's taking this personally. He's even looked into past deals to see if something could have bad blood. 

"We have nobody because everyone that did have such a problem has been worked out," he said. 

Yother is offering a $1,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest, no questions asked. Just call Chattanooga Police at 423-698-2525.