Safety is on the minds of many parents after shots were fired near a Chattanooga school bus stop. 
Superintendent Rick Smith reacted to fears about violence while speaking to Hamilton County PTA Wednesday.             
In his annual state of the schools speech, Smith praised the efforts of School Resource Officers, and spotlighted other safety efforts either in place, or coming to every school.

Rick Smith, Hamilton County School Superintendent, "You know we've initiated surveillance cameras, and we'll soon have  a buzzer system in all Hamilton County Schools."

Dr. Smith is also encouraging citizens to speak up for better school facilities, especially in the fastest growing areas of the county.
He says newly opened elementary schools in Ooltewah and East Brainerd are filling up quickly, and he expects the same to happen with the new Falling Water/Ganns School, set to open next year.     
Still, he says, there's another wave of school overcrowding that could require new facilities.

Rick Smith, Hamilton County School Superintendent, "Ooltewah High school has 1569, it's full again, East Hamilton is up to 1802, you know what's happening in that part of our community."

Superintendent Smith also talked about a potential partnership with Erlanger Medical Center which could result in clinics at certain schools, specializing in treating children with asthma, which he called the #1 health problem among local students.