UPDATE: A dad was visiting Camp Jordan with his daughter Wednesday evening when he saw two children get out of a car.  

Catoosa County authorities say 32-year old Melanie Moore stole a 2001 Ford ZX2 with two kids inside, ages 5 and 7.

“The kids were picked up at school at Ringgold Primary by their mom in their mom's car, fell asleep in the car on the way home. Woke up to a complete stranger driving their mom's car,” said one eyewitness.

Moore took the car from a house on Karen Drive. Then drove to Camp Jordan in East Ridge, where she dropped the kids off at a playground. She then drove in circles in the parking lot and crashed into a fence.

“She aimed it towards the playground and deliberately just floored it and plowed through the fence into the playground. Almost hit the older boy inside, only missed him by 10-15 feet.” 

But that didn’t slow Moore down. Eyewitnesses say she then stole a second car. This time it was a Volkswagen Jetta.
“This lady jumped in my back seat, starting yelling at me to give her a ride, saying she needed to get out of here. It scared me and I jumped out of my car.”

The lady hopped into her friend’s car to follow Moore, calling 911. Moore eventually pulled over on Scrugg Road and waited.

“She just stopped, just parked my car and stopped. And we sat across the street at the church for the cops to get there.”

A strange ending to a terrifying situation for one mom who was reunited with her two kids. Everyone agrees their safety is the most important.

“I'm fine, cars good, everything is okay. I'm glad everyone is alright, everything is good.”

 Moore was arrested and Catoosa County officials say she will be charged with theft and two counts of kidnapping. She’s being held in the Hamilton County Jail as police continue investigating this bizarre incident. The kids are okay Wednesday evening.  

The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office is searching for a stolen 2001 black Ford ZX2.
There are 2 children under the age of 10 inside the vehicle.
It was taken around 5:30 Wednesday afternoon from Karen Drive off of Scruggs Road. 

The vehicle is described as very dirty, with skull stickers.
Catoosa Co. Sheriff Sisk says the suspect is a Melanie Moore.
If you see this vehicle or Melanie Moore, call police.