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Chattanooga Police Chief finds 6-yr-old wandering the streets, parents demand answers from school

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The parents of a six-year-old girl want to know how their daughter walked away from school, only to be found six blocks away by Chattanooga's Police Chief.

Chief Fred Fletcher found the girl Tuesday morning after wrapping up an event.

Channel 3 is getting answers from the school on why the little girl was able to leave campus alone.

As Fletcher was taking 6-year old Natiaah Pearson back to school, they snapped a selfie of the young girl smiling in the back seat.

While Natiaah's parents are grateful the chief was there to find her daughter, they say it's a field trip that never should have happened.

"They say they found her six blocks from the school," said father Fletcher Pearson.

"There is no way my daughter should have even been able to get out of the school," said mother Natasha Johnson.

Fletcher found Natiaah six blocks from Brown Academy Tuesday morning.

He was wrapping up an event when he came across the Brown Academy student.

"Went down the stairs, got off the elevator, walked past 20 classrooms, also a desk that was by the door," Pearson described, "And walked straight out the door and onto ML King and walked six blocks from school."

It wasn't until the girl was gone that school officials realized she chose not to go to class, hid in a bathroom, and left the building.

She said she was tired and wanted to go home.

"I think a lot needs to be done and needs to be taken into consideration before someone else's child goes out there and maybe isn't as lucky as we are," Pearson said.

Natiaah's parents contacted Channel 3 and plans to go to the Board of Education.

We were referred to the central office when we called for answers.

Karen Hollis, Operations Director for Hamilton County Elementary Schools, told Channel 3 over the phone that they are thankful Natiaah is OK.

She went on to say the school has thoroughly investigated how it happened and has put safeguards in place to keep this from happening again.

"They said they made a plan now, they're trying to make things better now and up their security," Johnson said, "Hopefully it gets better."

Natasha Johnson is hopeful, allowing her daughter to return to class today.

But she says she isn't dropping the issue, and has this message for Chief Fletcher.

"God put you in the right place at the right time because anybody could have picked up my daughter," Johnson said.

Brown Academy does have a buzz in system.
They do not have surveillance cameras, but plans are in the works to install them soon.

The school worked on a plan to better secure the property and we're told that plan will be shared with all staff members.

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